Come see all there is at the museum!

The Children’s Museum of Green Bay has all kinds of fun, educational exhibits for kids to play and learn all day long!

Digestive System

In the Digestive System you ARE the food! Learn and while acting out what happens to your food when you eat it. Climb into a giant mouth, crawl through tunnels and exit through a slide. Who knew the journey your food takes while digesting could be so much fun?

Learning Objectives:

  • To learn what happens when food is digested.
  • To learn vocabulary of different parts of the body.
  • To spark interest in different body functions. 

Science Standards: SEP, WMELS Health and Physical Development: C.EL.1

The Farmer's Market

Stop by the Farmer’s Market to shop for everything on your grocery list. Children can weigh, count and sort as they shop for fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood, along with other Farmer’s Market goodies. Whether the seller or the customer, children enjoy learning all the “ins” and “outs” of a Farmer’s Market. When you need more fresh veggies, pick some from the garden in the Backyard Experience!

Learning Objectives:

  • To explore food groups and healthy food choices. 
  • To learn how a market functions. 
  • To sort food by types and use food vocabulary.
  • To count and weigh food. 

Nutrition Education Standards: A.4.4, F.4.1, F.4.2, F.4.4, Personal Financial Standards: A.4.2.1, Common Core for Math: K.CC, 2.MD.8, WMELS Cognition and General Knowledge: B.EL.1

Under Construction

Under Construction, another stop in Our Town, will encourage children and adults to design and build together. Building materials vary from Legos to boxes to Tinker Toys. The materials within this space will facilitate design, building, fixing, and thinking. Daily challenges encourage children to think in new ways. Children will build self-confidence, critical thinking skills, and crucial attitudes that scaffold an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • To explore and learn about 2D and 3D shapes.
  • To follow plans to make a creation. 
  • To create own plans to make a creation.
  • To understand structure, support and balance. 

Personal Financial Standards: A.4.2.1, Science Standards: SEP, Common Core for Math: K.G, 1.G.2 WMELS Cognition and General Knowledge: A.EL.3, B.EL.3, B.EL.4, C.EL.4

The Fire Station

The Fire House and Truck, a part of Our Town, will help children learn about the importance of fire safety. This exhibit includes a pumper truck with hose, a fire pole, and firefighter uniforms.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the duties of a firefighter.
  • To learn fire safety rules.
  • To explore firefighter tools and gear. 

Social Studies Standards: A.4.2, E.4.5, Personal Financial Standards: A.4.2.1, WMELS*(see below)

The Diner

Table or counter…it’s your call! Stop by the 50’s Diner in Our Town. Children can be the customer or wait staff serving up a burger and fries or a pizza. 

Learning Objectives

  • To learn about how a restaurant functions.
  • To explore food groups. 
  • To distinguish between healthy and unhealthy food choices. 
  • To count and learn the value of money. 

Nutrition Education Standards: C.4.2, F.4.1, F.4.2, Personal Financial Standards: A.4.2.1, Common Core for Math: 2.MD.8, WMELS* (see below)

The Vet Clinic

The Animal House Vet Clinic, in Our Town, is an exciting place to take care of the pets. Children will groom and take care of sick pets using doctor and grooming tools. Children can play the role of veterinarian while looking at real x-rays or looking at samples in a microscope.

Learning Objectives: 

  • To understand the role of a veterinarian 
  • To use and learn about tools used by vets 
  • To understand how to care for a pet

Science Standards: K-ESS3-1, K-LS1-1, WMELS Cognition and General Knowledge: B.EL.1, C.EL.1

The Gandrud Auto Group Garage

The Auto Garage allows families to assemble and take apart parts of a car. Through this exhibit, children will role-play as an auto mechanic, using tools and car parts, as well as cooperation skills to get a job done.

Learning Objectives:

  • To sort parts of a car
  • To recognize shapes and colors
  • To strengthen fine motor skills
  • To understand the role of an auto mechanic

Common Core for Math: K.CC.1, 1.CC.1, WMELS Cognition and General Knowledge: B.EL.1, C.EL.1

Backyard Experience

Enjoy a tea party or get back to nature in our club house. Search for the many creatures that live in the trees and can be present in your own backyard. Hear real bird calls, investigate nature, care for a garden and chicken coop, or build your own fort out of wood. Enjoy some time in the best club house in the city! 

Learning Objectives: 

  • To discover and count animals in a forest. 
  • To understand animal habitats. 
  • To generate an interest in nature. 

Science Standards: 1-LS1-1, 2-LS2-1, Common Core for Math: K.CC.1, WMELS Cognition and General Knowledge: B.EL.1, C.EL.1

The Water Gallery

The Water Gallery includes a sailboat and lighthouse all revolving around The Great Lakes. Children can engage in water play activities and experimentation with our sailboat. Children can experiment with splashing, pouring, scooping and soaking using cups and spoons, wheels, jets of water and adjustable flippers. Learn about water energy and control the direction and speed of water flow by making dams! Children will be invited to explore the working of a lighthouse and its connections to the safety of boats on the water. This exhibit will invite children and adults to explore and interact in a natural area even when the weather turns cold outside. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • To explore water flow, volume and cause and effect. 
  • To learn boating vocabulary. 
  • To discover the land around The Great Lakes. 
  • To experience the importance of lighthouses.

Science Standards: SEP, Social Studies Standards: A.4.2, Common Core for Math: K.MD.1, K.MD.2, WMELS Cognition and General Knowledge: C.EL.1, C.EL.2, C.EL.3, C.EL.4

Baby Bungalow

If you need a quiet nook for your baby, this is the spot for you! Enjoy this enclosed space with plenty of books and toys to keep their curious minds busy and learning.

Learning Objectives: 

  • To engage in reading activities
  • To tell stories with puppets
  • To interact with different textures
  • To experiment with cause and effect

Common Core for Literacy: RI.K.10, RI.1.10, RI.2.10, RI.3.10, WMELS Language Development and Communication: C.EL.1, WMELS Scientific Thinking: C.EL.2

The Imagination Station

The Imagination Station is the home base for art projects and experiences every day. This is the place where it is okay to be messy, get involved, try new things, and figure out how the world works. This is a place to explore wherever your imagination may take you. Join us for a new theme every week for exciting, personal works of art, and where we celebrate “process, not product.”

Learning Objectives: 

  • To strengthen fine motor skills through clay play, cutting, gluing, drawing and painting. 
  • To explore different artists and art techniques. 

Art Education: A.4.3, C.4.7, D.4.5, H.4.4, I.4.1, WMELS Approaches to Learning: B.EL.2

Outdoor Discovery Center

Step outside and enjoy a playtime for your senses. Feel and create with sand in our sandbox, or take a walk through our sensory path where your feet will feel different textures. Play and listen to music or draw pictures on our play panels. Climb on our climbing structure. Smell the sweet smells of the herb garden. *This is a seasonal exhibit and is open weather permitting.

Learning Objectives:

  • To engage in gross motor skills
  • To interact in sand play
  • To create music and art
  • To learn about local history
  • To learn about the importance of the 5 senses in discovering the world around us.

Physical Education Standards: 2:1:A2, 4:1:A1, Social Studeies Standard: A.4.4, B.4.10, WMELS Language Development and Communications: C.EL.1, WMELS Scientific Thinking: C.EL.1, C.EL.2

*All exhibits strengthen WMELS performance standards for Social and Emotional Development: C.EL.2, C.EL.3, C.EL.4, Listening and Understanding: A.EL.2, B.EL.2c, Approaches to Learning: A.EL.1, A.EL.2, A.EL.3, B.EL.1, C.EL.3, Cognition and General Knowledge: B.EL.6


WHOOSH!- Get ready for flight! Send items through the air tunnel network and interact by turning knobs to change the flight path. It’s fast paced fun!

Learning Objectives:

  • To experiment with cause and effect. 
  • To understand the power of air. 

Science Standards: SEP, 4-PS3-1, WMELS Scientific Thinking, C.EL.1, C.EL.2 

Come in and enjoy our new SPLASH EXHIBIT!!