“This place is way cooler than my house!”

—Unknown Child

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“This place is way cooler than my house!”

—Unknown Child

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What's New?

Pod Squad Play Date Rental and additional educational pods available

Tot Time: $10 per person and a minimum of 5.  Age 5 and under. Choice of Music Makers include Shakers, Bells, Foam Blocks and Rhythm Sticks.  

S.T.E.A.M. Club: $12 per person. Age 5 and up. Minimum of 5 participants. Available Programs: Incredible Insects, What’s the Matter, Pottery of the Past and To the Point.  

Girl Scout Badge Workshop:  $10 per person. Daisy or Brownie.  Minimum of 4 participants.  Available Programs: Rosie’s Story, Staying Fit, Painting and Senses.  

Character Meet & Greet: $25 per 15 min. meet & greet with chosen character. Available characters: Paw Patrol (Chase, Sky, Rubble & Marshal), Olaf and Dancing Dinosaurs.

Painting Play: $10 per person for 30 min. class.  Available programs: Clay Creation, Finger Painting and Geometric Canvas Painting.  

Ms. Heather’s Book Club: $10 per person per 15 min. session.  Includes Ms. Heather reading and then the group taking turns reading. 

Create a Canvas:  $25 per person. Minimum of 5 participants. Available paintings: Owl, Beach Scene, Jewel Tree, Bunny

Birthday Party: Available programs: $12 per participant  for Geometric Canvas Painting or Clay Creations. Available Meet & Greets: flat rate of $25 per 15 min meet with character (Paw Patrol, Olaf and Dancing Dinosaurs.) Age 3 and up.

Please email for more information.


Has your school gone virtual? Are you looking for safe, daily socialization, as well as STEM and art activities for your child? Do you need a break in the supervision of your child’s virtual lessons? Then Camp PLAY is for you!  You Choose Daily or Weekly!  

Stay tuned for updates as Virtual will be available also.

Monday-Friday (1-4pm)

Ages 5-10

$120 full week – $30 individual days (Camp includes one hour of museum programming, one hour of virtual school work time, and one hour of supervised museum play. (The museum will not be open to the public during this time.) A pre-packaged snack is included.)

Register TODAY at the links below.

(See our safety procedures at the button below.)

Sparkles & Slime – Oct. 19-23

Most children agree that sparkles and slime are a really good time! During this camp, we will be making art and trying our hand at science experiments that encompass two of our favorite things…

Space Adventures – Oct. 26-30

Join us this week for Space Adventures! We will be learning all about planets, space travel, stars, technology and MORE! You will have a BLAST exploring our space themed activities as well as learning the science, technology, engineering, art, and math behind them!

Camp PLAY structure and safety procedures
Camp PLAY At Home

Enjoy our interactive programming guided by our staff through a virtual platform in your home! Pick up your camp supplies the week before your camp (or have shipped to your home for an extra fee) then meet online with our staff each day to create together. 

Monday-Friday (1-2pm)

Ages 5-10

$50 for Members – $60 for Non-Members

(If choosing to have supplies shipped, extra shipping charge must be selected at checkout)


Art by the Masters


This is the camp for you!

Join us VIRTUALLY November 9-13 as we create art projects all inspired by the works of famous artists. We will be learning art concepts and techniques from the masters themselves! This camp will challenge your imagination to take those famous works in a new and exciting direction of your own!


Keeping Children's Minds Engaged

Support our mission to keep children’s minds engaged by making a gift today!

From the moment the museum closed its doors on March 18th, our team went into action to make the museum experience virtual. Every day, the museum has provided hours of meaningful, creative, and fun opportunities for all of us to connect. At minimum, we have provided one play-based educational program per day ranging from sing-a-longs to fully interactive STEM based activities.

We need your help so we can keep minds-on virtual learning available for children who are depending on us through the rest of this year. 

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Support Learning Through Play!

Without all of our supporters we would not be the museum we are today. If you are able, please consider donating to support programming and play here at The Children’s Museum of Green Bay! Donations play a huge part in keeping this facility in tip-top shape. Consider donating today! 

Where kids play to learn, and parents learn to play.

Children learn through play; they explore and create, conquer fears, develop confidence and master the world around them. While functioning as a town square and building social capital for children and families, The Children’s Museum of Green Bay has emerged as the community institution that provides a unique, interactive environment where children and adults can connect and where play inspires a passion for lifelong learning.

Due to Covid 19, The Children's Museum of Green Bay will be closing to the general public. We will continue to do programming and events virtually on Facebook. Although we will be closed to the general public, the museum will be available for private rentals and be doing daily camps. If you are interested in renting the museum or looking for weekly camp options please email