Groups and Field Trips

Come play, discover, create, and learn with a field trip to The Children’s Museum of Green Bay!


Tuesday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Earlier arrivals may be arranged, but are dependent upon anticipated field trip attendance. Field trip reservations are not accepted for peak visitation dates, including school breaks, holidays, and weekends.


2 hours of play time in museum exhibits and outdoor discovery center

  • Children: $5.00 (minimum of 10 children required)
  • Required Adults: Free*
  • Additional Adults: $5.00

Reservations should be made for the maximum number of children and adults expected. Actual attendance will be noted upon arrival, and fees will be adjusted accordingly.

*In accordance with state law, one adult is required for every four students. Chaperones are identified as individuals 18+ years in age. Children are expected to remain with their assigned adult to ensure supervision and the best possible experience during the field trip.

Schools in the Green Bay Area Public School District and Head Start classes may have reduced admission. Please contact the museum for more information.

Lunch (optional)

A sack lunch area is available for field trips. Advanced reservations are required, and indoor table seating is limited to 40 people. Multiple sessions may be scheduled if needed due to attendance. Lunch may also be eaten outside in the outdoor discovery center (weather permitting).

The Children’s Museum of Green Bay enforces a strong NO Peanut Zone, so please do not pack peanut products (including peanut butter) in the lunches or snacks.

Please pack lunches in large boxes or bags labeled with the school or organization name. Adult leaders are responsible for transporting lunches from the bus to the storage area. Refrigeration at the museum is not available.

Programs (optional)

Enhance your field trip with a 30-minute, educational program of your choice. Programs include activities led by a trained member of our education team and complement classroom curriculum and support Common Core and Wisconsin Model Academic Standards. Field trip leaders will receive additional resource materials to further learning after the field trip.

Field Trip Programs

Common Field Trip Questions

Come in and enjoy our new SPLASH EXHIBIT!!