Corporate Sponsorships

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Partnership Objectives

The Children’s Museum of Green Bay strives to create partnerships with local community-minded companies. These partnerships not only provide value to our partners and their employees, but also support the Children’s Museum and its mission of bringing children and families together through play.

It costs us $11 per person to operate The Children’s Museum of Green Bay. Our general admission rate is $8 per person. We must raise the remaining $3 through sponsorships and fundraising events

“Some people talk about play as if it were a relief from serious learning or even worse: a waste of time. But for children, play is exceedingly serious…and important! In fact, play is a way for children to learn who they are, how the world works, solve problems and to express feelings. Yes play is the real work of childhood, and for young people today, children’s museums offer play experiences that other settings are not able to give them.”

– Mr. Fred Rogers

Partners in Play

Explore - $5,000

Your sponsorship will help encourage exploration through play.


  • 125 single visit passes to share with employees
  • Employees receive $20 off a Family, Single Parent, Grandparent, or No Frills Membership
Imagine - $2,500

Your sponsorship will inspire imagination.


  • 50 single visit passes to share with employees
  • Employees receive $10 off a Family, Single Parent, Grandparent, or No Frills Membership
Create - $1,000

Your sponsorship will help ignite creativity.


  • 25 single visit passes to share with employees 
  • Employees receive $5 off a Family, Single Parent, Grandparent, or No Frills Membership

Mission and Impact

Our Mission

The Children’s Museum of Green Bay serves the developmental needs and interests of children by providing educational exhibits and programs that stimulate curiosity and motivation through hands-on play and exploration. The Children’s Museum of Green Bay serves as a town square and builds social capital. For children and families, The Children’s Museum has emerged as the community institution that provides a unique, interactive environment where children and adults connect, and play inspires a passion for lifelong learning.

  • We have more than 72,000 visitors each year to the museum with over 600,000 since our opening in June of 2012 
  • More than 6,100 families have been served through memberships
  • Our Children of Promise program has welcomed more than 13,750 visitors, including military, foster care, low income, and others
  • Over 40,000 have participated in school field trips and more than 10.000 low income children have benefited from our after-school outreach

Why Support Us?


Children’s museums are sought-after local and travel destinations. More than 30 million individuals annually visit children’s museums around the world. One in two children’s museums offer discounted/ free admission for low-income individuals.

Children’s museums are places away from work and household distractions, where parents and caregivers can spend quality time with children

Children’s museums are leading a movement that combines learning objectives with play in informal learning environments that are developmentally appropriate.

Children’s museums produce programs and exhibits that transcend age, IQ and experience, and empower children to set their own pace. No child fails here!

Children’s museums light a creative spark for discovery and lifelong learning.

Children’s museums contribute to local economies. More than 30 percent of children’s museums are part of a downtown revitalization project. According to ACM data, the total economic activity of its children’s museum members is $448 million

Thank You!

On behalf of the children and families served, thank you for considering investing in our mission of inspiring children to learn through play! Together we make it possible!

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