October 20, 2022


Programming at The Children’s Museum of Green Bay enhances a guest’s experience by infusing learning into play through thoughtfully planned self-guided and teacher-led activities with focused objectives and academic standards in mind. Weekly programs, such as Wiggle, Move & Giggle and Wee One Hour, have proven to be a preschool stepping-stone for many guests and members to jumpstart classroom-style learning and socialization. Likewise, weekly drop-in style programs, such as Budding Scientists and Sense-sational Art, provide children with early exposure to STEM and art concepts through experimentation. Monthly programs, such as Science Saturday, allow elementary aged children to explore concepts via interactive science stations, igniting interest in scientific themes. Every day, museum programming inspires learning investigation of new topics and encourages curious young minds to become lifelong learners.

Outdoor Discovery Center

The Outdoor Discovery Center continues to thrive as a new favorite at The Children’s Museum of Green Bay. Each day guests dive into the world of outdoor conservation and learn about the environment around them through programming centered on art, nature, play, and mess. The sensory trail and panels encourage guests to view the world through the eyes of a child and to investigate and explore with all their senses. “Watch It Grow,” the outdoor raised beds, provide the chance for young and old to dig into the responsibility of plant care and growth without the fear of failure. This enclosed green space offers a safe area where families can be active outdoors, learn about the mysteries of nature, and look forward to a more sustainable future for the community.

Field Trips

The Children’s Museum of Green Bay truly serves as an extension of the classroom. Field trip students engage in play-based learning activities, which are not only fun but also foster their creativity and promote development of their “soft skills,” such as teamwork, communication, and empathy. Museum exhibits are all aligned with Wisconsin Academic Standards, and focused field trip programs complement school curriculum and are led by licensed teachers. Each year, over 6,500 guests come to The Children’s Museum for field trips. Approximately 1/3 of these field trip students are from low-income schools who might not otherwise have the opportunity to visit the children’s museum.


Educational experiences extend far beyond the four walls of The Children’s Museum of Green Bay. Outreach programs bring interactive STEM and art projects directly into the hands of low-income children, particularly those attending after school programs who may not have experienced the children’s museum before. These enrichment activities are exactly what children need to feel successful and learn through hands-on challenges, a critical component in lessening the achievement gap for at-risk children. The Children’s Museum of Green Bay serves nearly 3,000 children in the community each year at local elementary schools, library branches, and area events.

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