July 17, 2017

Outreach Programs

Let The Children’s Museum of Green Bay come to you! Our outreach programs bring the museum’s resources and expertise directly to the comfort of your organization. Experience an interactive program designed for grades K-5. You are sure to love it!

Outreach programs include hands-on activities facilitated by a member of our education team, and all programs align with Common Core and Wisconsin Model Academic Standards.

Program Length: 45-60 minutes
Class Size: 25 children (adult participation is required)
Cost: $150 per program
*Available as an in-person or virtual outreach program

To schedule your outreach program, please contact Whitney at (920) 432-4397 or

  • Programs are subject to availability and group size.
  • Additional travel fees apply to sites outside of greater Green Bay.
  • Virtual outreach program supplies must be picked up in advance at the museum.

Whirl of the Wind

Explore the force of gravity and the properties of air! You will experiment with parachutes and create your own flying apparatus. Your mind will soar to great heights with these new concepts.

  • Recommended Grades: K-5th
  • Science Standards: CC6, CC7, SEP1, SEP2, SEP6, PS2, ETS1

Bridge Buildout

Please help the three billy goats gruff! Learn about the goats’ struggle, and then get ready to build because these goats need your engineering skills to help them safely escape the troll.

  • Recommended Grades: K-5th
  • Science Standards: CC6, CC7, SEP1, SEP2, SEP6, ETS1

Pottery of the Past*

Pottery is one of the world’s most ancient forms of art. Learn about the importance of pottery in our world and some of its unique uses. Explore the oldest sculpting technique by making a pinch pot that you will be able to decorate and take home.

  • Recommended Grades: K-5th
  • Social Studies Standards: BH2A
  • Art Standards: A.4.3, B.4.1, C.4.7, H.4.4

To the Point*

Let’s get to the point — art is awesome! Learn about the art style of pointillism and its history. Then try your hand at creating your own pointillism painting on wood or canvas. *Please Note: This program uses acrylic paint.*

  • Recommended Grades: K-5th
  • Art Standards: C.4.7, J.4.2

Fish Friends*

Fish make great pets… and friends too! Listen to a reading of Not Norman, and then design and decorate your own pet fish using clay and paint! *Please Note: This program uses acrylic paint.*

  • Recommended Grades: K-5th
  • Art Standards: C.4.7, H.4.4

Invisible Strings*

Being apart from family and friends can be difficult, so it is important to remember that you are still connected to them by love. You can face any of life’s challenges because you will always be supported by those invisible strings of love. You will listen to a story reading and then create a bracelet as a reminder of all your invisible strings.

  • Recommended Grades: K-5th
  • Art Standards: A.CR.3
  • Social Studies Standards: BH1.A, BH1.B, HIST2.C

Paper Master Crafters

Bend, twist, and fold! Create unique, 3-D art projects without using tape or scissors. You will learn about ancient Japanese origami and discover the steps to paper quilling. You’ll have colorful projects and lots of ideas to take home with you.

  • Recommended Grades: K-5th
  • Art Standards: A.4.4, B.4.1, H.4.4, H.4.1

Recycled Life Cycle

The Very Hungry Caterpillar comes to life with this science and art program! Learn about a butterfly’s life cycle while discovering the secret to Eric Carle’s remarkable recycled art technique.

  • Recommended Grades: K-2nd
  • Science Standards: SEP1, LS1.A, ESS3.C
  • Art Standards: C.4.7, J.4.2

Play Dough Pals

Dr. Seuss stories come to life with this art program. Learn about the author and his rhyming colorful classics. Then you will make play dough and create your own crazy creatures!

  • Recommended Grades: K-2nd
  • Art Standards: A.CR.2, A.CR.3
  • ELA Standards: L.2.3

What’s the Matter?*

Matter is all around us! Learn about the three states of matter and experiment with their ability to change states. You will make your own slime to keep. Start the matter chatter with hands-on science fun!

  • Recommended Grades: 2nd-5th
  • Science Standards: SEP1.A, SEP3.A, PSI.A

Unsinkable Ships

Take our boating challenge! Can you make a ship out of provided materials that can withstand a tsunami and keep your passengers safe? With a tight budget and time limit, you must engineer the best ship that can be.

  • Recommended Grades: 2nd-5th
  • Science Standards: CC6, CC7, SEP1, SEP2, SEP6, PS2, ETS1

Give Me Shelter*

Help, you must become a master engineer! Listen to a reading of Rosie Revere, Engineer and then use the Engineering Design Process and a set of materials to build a shelter for a UV caterpillar to protect it from the sun. You will learn to think creatively and problem solve in this hands-on program.

  • Recommended Grades: 2nd-5th
  • Science Standards: CC6, SEP1.A, SEP2.A, SEP3.A, SEP6.B, ETS1.A

Holiday Hullabaloo*

Do you love to party? Holidays are always a blast, and fun projects make them even better! Contact the museum to find out about the current holiday project – we’d love to celebrate the season with you.

  • Recommended Grades: K-5th
  • Standards: Vary by project
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