Emma Waszak

The Build

Main Project Goals Construct a new, iconic, state-of-the-art Children’s Museum allowing for children to “learn through play”. Expand innovative space for exhibits to 21,000 square feet and support 125,000 annual visitors. Provide safe, convenient, ground level parking for our members, and school field trip groups. Cost Overview $9 million    […]

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Financials & Progress

Income Members: $27,000 Admissions: $83,500 Merchandise: $8,700 Event: $98,000 Birthday: $9,800 Total Income: $524,000   Progress The following charts display our organizations progress throughout the years in our Membership, Children of Promise and our Field trip growth. We had 492 successful Field trips in 2021, and that continues to climb […]

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Programming at The Children’s Museum of Green Bay enhances a guest’s experience by infusing learning into play through thoughtfully planned self-guided and teacher-led activities with focused objectives and academic standards in mind. Weekly programs, such as Wiggle, Move & Giggle and Wee One Hour, have proven to be a preschool […]

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Impact of Children’s Museums

Libraries and museums have a long history of serving young children. They are virtually everywhere-from the smallest tribal community to the largest metropolitan area. As community repositories of literature, science, and heritage, museums and libraries build on how children learn best, by designing and delivering content-rich, play-based experiences that link […]

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Who we are

Children learn through play, they explore, create, conquer fears, develop confidence and master the world around them. While functioning as a town square and building social capital for children and families, The Children’s Museum of Green Bay has emerged as the community institution that provides a unique, interactive environment where […]

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